Saturday, September 25, 2010

public library renovation




  1. It seems from your pics that there's still an awful lot of construction/renovation going on. Looking good though!

  2. Hi Rick, Yes, that's right... we had the 5th anniversary of Katrina last month, and many post-Katrina matters are not yet addressed. When over 200,000 structures are destroyed or badly damaged, that's daunting anywhere, but waiting for FEMA and other money to be freed up has been quite outrageous. In the second picture here, the ruined neighborhood library building was demolished in Feb. 2009, the plot leveled, then the weeds grew. I suspect that our new mayor Mitch Landrieu had something to do with the new activity on the construction now. It will be great to have a public library near where we live again. thanks, sp

  3. Those photos reminds me of when I came to the city right after the storm in Oct, 2005. Uptown looked all nice and pretty and Gentilly looked a hot mess.
    Christmas time was the worst. It seemed like everyone uptown had Christmas lights decorating their homes and as soon as you hit downtown...darkness. Not even a street light.
    Am I having flashbacks? LOL

  4. Dear bc, I think we've got flash-backs on a daily basis, about that time. We were sort of camping in the house for a little while in October 2005, before renting an apartment in Algiers Point for 2 months while the house was being repaired. If you think Halloween is scary, it's REALLY scary when you're the only people on the street and there's no power. And we got our first post-Katrina trick-or-treaters in 2009. But these days, actually it's great to see continuous rebuilding where it's needed. I love uptown too, but the fact that they got the "submerged roads program" activity started before other parts of town is a little ironic! thanks, sp