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Tropical Storm Debby and the sunshine award

Marguerite of Cajun Delights has sweetly given my blog a Sunshine Award, and there are a few little rules to follow in accepting it.   I've already done the easy part (taking the award and downloading the image) but I am also supposed to answer 10 questions and then pass the award along to 10 other blogs.   I certainly do enjoy surfing around with all the sunny and colorful photo blogs, and I'd like to highlight those.     Mostly, I'd like to bestow the sunshine award on Tropical Storm Debby in hopes of our continued clear weather.

1. Favorite color:  blue.

2. Favorite animal: dog.

3. Favorite number:  73.

4. Favorite drink:  coffee.

5. Facebook or Twitter: lurker

6. Good Book or a Good Movie:  depends how good.

7. My Passion:  newborns.

8. Giving or getting presents:  as hard as question 6.

9. Favorite day of the year:  the day before vacation

10. Favorite flowers: morning glories. 

Now to the award giving--   I'm excluding New Orleans blogs, as we tend to be moody, and also relatives' blogs, but my dynamic blog list on the right-hand column includes the ones I always read on a daily basis, however their mood falls.   I am a little surprised to receive the award myself, as my intention is to illustrate a range of what New Orleans is.   But my underlying purpose is to express love, this is the language I know. 

So ...    I happily recommend the following blogs as enjoyable and transporting:

Aleph - Uruguay.

bicocacolors - Spain.

collage journeys - USA, Vermont.

Comfort Spiral - USA, Hawaii.

Foto ao Acaso! - Portugal.

Photos of the Day - England.

Roy's World - USA, Pennsylvania.

thanks to all of you for expressing your visions!

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Nashville at Perrier

Parker Memorial Methodist Church

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an early 1960s sufficiently offensive tag cloud of the thoughts of John Kennedy Toole

make fun of fat people    make fun of policemen    make fun of mothers   make fun of black people   make fun of Italians          make fun of Hispanics    make fun of people with bad breath       make fun of ridiculous tacky costumes     make fun of trained birds    make fun of New Orleans    make fun of rich people          make fun of poor people     make fun of the South     make fun of the United States     make fun of academics     make fun of poor grammar     make fun of philosophy     make fun of fate     make fun of alcoholics     make fun of women     make fun of men     make fun of street vendors     make fun of hot dogs     make fun of gay people     make fun of peace    make fun of names   make fun of clothes     make fun of dead people     make fun of hair color     make fun of makeup    make fun of dentures    make fun of the 1960s     make fun of the French Quarter     make fun of the Irish Channel     make fun of middle-aged people     make fun of old people     make fun of dead dogs     make fun of shotgun houses     make fun of fancy houses     make fun of Uptown     make fun of Downtown     make fun of jaundice     make fun of sex     make fun of pornography     make fun of teenagers     make fun of movies     make fun of American Bandstand     make fun of causes     make fun of politics     make fun of Jews     make fun of writing     make fun of pretentiousness     make fun of Tulane     make fun of New York     make fun of religion     make fun of rambling     make fun of laziness make fun of self-improvement of other people     make fun of motorized exercise boards     make fun of making pants     make fun of filing cabinets     make fun of business     make fun of old buildings     make fun of fathers     make fun of white people     make fun of therapy    make fun of hoarders  make fun of profanity     make fun of strippers     make fun of Gone with the wind     make fun of daughters     make fun of the Confederacy     make fun of sons     make fun of Catholics     make fun of husbands     make fun of wives     make fun of making shorts     make fun of the English language     make fun of saints    make fun of failure    make fun of parishes     make fun of people with too much time     make fun of sickness     make fun of bars     make fun of Bourbon St.     make fun of the newspaper     make fun of marriage     make fun of making fun     make fun of movie audiences    make fun of fun   make fun of making money      make fun of car accidents     make fun of owing money    make fun of Big Girls Don't Cry     make fun of letter writing     make fun of obsessive people     make fun of political protest     make fun of the church     make fun of poor grammar     make fun of overblown grammar     make fun of teachers     make fun of students     make fun of waitresses     make fun of mental illness    make fun of libraries    make fun of accents    make fun of arbiters of literary taste      make fun of movie stars     make fun of hospitals     make fun of the 20th century     make fun of Greyhound    make fun of Louisiana     make fun of universities     make fun of employment     make fun of thirty-year-olds     make fun of D. H. Holmes     make fun of psychology     make fun of books     relieve my mind of this movie     relieve my imagination of this matrix  relieve my brain of this map      relieve my heart of this love     relieve my soul of this prayer     relieve my fingers of these words     make fun of punctuation     make fun of writing    "Claude? Who in the world is Claude."

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for Lucy

born today in Boston, 8 lb. 2 oz.

Mexico St.

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slow-motion changes on Freret St.

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