Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tropical Storm Debby and the sunshine award

Marguerite of Cajun Delights has sweetly given my blog a Sunshine Award, and there are a few little rules to follow in accepting it.   I've already done the easy part (taking the award and downloading the image) but I am also supposed to answer 10 questions and then pass the award along to 10 other blogs.   I certainly do enjoy surfing around with all the sunny and colorful photo blogs, and I'd like to highlight those.     Mostly, I'd like to bestow the sunshine award on Tropical Storm Debby in hopes of our continued clear weather.

1. Favorite color:  blue.

2. Favorite animal: dog.

3. Favorite number:  73.

4. Favorite drink:  coffee.

5. Facebook or Twitter: lurker

6. Good Book or a Good Movie:  depends how good.

7. My Passion:  newborns.

8. Giving or getting presents:  as hard as question 6.

9. Favorite day of the year:  the day before vacation

10. Favorite flowers: morning glories. 

Now to the award giving--   I'm excluding New Orleans blogs, as we tend to be moody, and also relatives' blogs, but my dynamic blog list on the right-hand column includes the ones I always read on a daily basis, however their mood falls.   I am a little surprised to receive the award myself, as my intention is to illustrate a range of what New Orleans is.   But my underlying purpose is to express love, this is the language I know. 

So ...    I happily recommend the following blogs as enjoyable and transporting:

Aleph - Uruguay.

bicocacolors - Spain.

collage journeys - USA, Vermont.

Comfort Spiral - USA, Hawaii.

Foto ao Acaso! - Portugal.

Photos of the Day - England.

Roy's World - USA, Pennsylvania.

thanks to all of you for expressing your visions!


  1. Moody? MOODY?! I'm going to pout right here and right now.

    (Just kidding. Congratulations. You and "angels and people, life in New Orleans" are certainly worthy of recognition for the sunshine you spread over us all every day. Your warmth and generosity are as vitally important to me as they must be for your other visitors as well. Long may you glow!)

  2. Hi Glenn, thanks, actually you are outstandingly positive, you've helped me since day 1, when it was nearly impossible to find any support in my environment. this has been an interesting experience. I appreciate your kindness. sp

  3. Thanks for recommending my blog! As far as Artist's Block goes, my experience is similar to yours: periods of productivity and lots of ideas, alternating with more fallow periods of spinning my wheels. I consider it all part of the process, and haven't had anything I'd call a Block for years. I used to get periods in which I was afraid I'd never have another idea again - and THAT is scary. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Jane, you're welcome & we look forward to seeing more of your creativity at work! thanks for commenting, sp

  4. Thank you for your lovely blog and thank you for mentioning my blog. I'm not very good at posting to it yet, but I am going to make an effort now! I love looking at your blog and others that you have mentioned too.

    1. Hi Louise, it's a satisfying experience to take, select, and post photographs, and a nice surprise to have the contact with people from close-by and far away. thanks for writing, sp

  5. Gosh!

    Thank YOU

    Have a GREAT Week

    Aloha from Honolulu,
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  6. Hi Cloudia, the sunshine award is especially appropriate for you! we enjoy getting a view into Hawaii. thanks, sp

  7. Oh, thank you Sussah ... but I am not from China ! I was born and live in Malaysia (Thoughts in Photography). Very big appreciation and thank you for your good words !

    1. Hi Wong, I apologize! I am usually more careful, it must be the heat that's getting to my brain. I've enjoyed your photographs and look forward to seeing more. thanks, sp

  8. Thank you very much for your recognition Sussah, I am very happy.

    1. Hi Leovi, it's amazing to me how you give so many beautiful artworks to all of us. thanks, sp

  9. Congratulations SP! It is certainly well deserved!
    Yeah, we are kinda moody huh? Maybe that's why I can't leave this darned city...birds of a feather and all.
    I can't wait to surf the blogs you've recommended!

    1. Dear bc, we have our reasons for being all over the place emotionally, it's not a bad thing. I think you will enjoy these, it's a nice way to learn about other countries, and they will learn about us. once I received a couple of international readers, it made me feel proud to share what I'm seeing around me. try to keep cool today...... thanks, sp

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