Thursday, June 07, 2012

Mexico St.


  1. I get a kick out of that "Mexican"-inspired color and design of the first photo, but the second picture really speaks to me. Someone took the Katrina-mark and turned it into a wish for peace(?) and so much more.

  2. Thanks Glenn, I appreciate how you are open to some of my less-than-beautiful images-- the top features an architectural detail of the (wonderful) new Popeye's on the same spot as the long-ruined Popeye's. [note: the (wonderful) new Wendy's is on a different spot than the long-demo'ed old Wendy's, instead it's on the site of the long-ruined and demo'ed Ferrara's Super Market] I'm happy that you saw the PAX but I was thinking of it as the work of a young frustrated artist doodling on a rescue-mark. That is a real need to doodle if you are doing that. Anyway, I would like to recommend getting a Wendy's berry shake, some hot day up on northern Elysian Fields by UNO. and of course a delicacy from the Popeye's when the right mood strikes. thanks, sp

    1. I will have to sneak the berry shake when Bob isn't looking. He has me on a diet.

  3. Oh, I forgot I shouldn't have it either.