Tuesday, December 07, 2010

night in the city

... 5:30 pm


  1. I love how the city looks at night. In fact, I'm going around tonight just driving around looking at Christmas lights.

  2. Oh wow! I was just reading your new post, which basically made me hungry. The Christmas lights are really sweet. There's a house on DeSaix that is all decked out, and it has a little swing with miniature Mr. and Mrs. Claus swinging on it. thanks, sp

  3. I love New Orleans at Christmas. Will be going to the Quarter soon, to meet some friends who going to be in town for the holidays. Cheers!

  4. It looks like you were almost standing in front of that bus! Be careful!

    On the other hand, being run over by the 91 to WalMart would be a "poet's death."


  5. Hi Marguerite, The Christmas lights in N.O. have always been a treat, even in these far-flung places like mid-City and Gentilly! Have a wonderful time, sp

    And Rick, Thanks for looking at this, I have to say I was entirely safe, being in the large grassy neutral ground of Orleans when the bus was making the turn north on Carrollton. I wanted to take a picture of some pylons in the road under construction, with Christmas lights in the background, but those came out relatively dull compared to this one. shouldn't you be out making a Christmas wreath instead of being online? sp