Thursday, April 05, 2012

glass bricks

"Semi-Opaque Cityscape," Madeleine Faust.
Blue Plate artist lofts


  1. That's a stopper. What I mean is, if I was walking by, I can imagine glimpsing this, walking a few feet, then stopping and turning back to marvel. I love what I've seen of Madeleine Faust's work. Her sculptures are stout-hearted, whimsical, witty, and joyous. This little cityscape makes more sense to me than the big glass pyramid in front of the Louvre. Ah, you've set me off! What a way to start the day. Thank you!

  2. Hi Glenn, thanks, that's great! I am kind of surprised about what they've done there. In the wide neutral ground large Silverman-like (?) sculpture has appeared-- I haven't taken the time to walk up to it, to see if there's a caption marker. It's brown and rusty and I'm not sure it's based on a tetrahedron, but it's in the same spirit. But the Madeleine Faust recycled glass brick sculpture couldn't be more perfect for that spot. I saw people walking in the front door, but not moving vans or U-Hauls... it's a lovely concept & worth waiting for. sp