Wednesday, July 18, 2012

you are here

an art box painted by Community Visions Unlimited, July 2012
City Park at the red streetcar line


  1. Aw, now I'm gonna have to go out there and see this thing for myself when all I wanted to do today was lay around the house being lazy.

  2. PS, that first picture is a real eye-opener (and pleasantly confusing when first encountered as a thumbnail). Love 'em all ;-)

  3. Hi Glenn! pleasantly confusing! what a nice mood to be in. thanks & really, when I first saw that painted art-box at the top of the streetcar line, I was amazed, just the very thought that somebody else thinks like I do. there's also a photography exhibit at the museum (which I havent gone to yet) so that could be your reason for taking the trip, and it's cool in there. have a relaxing day, sp