Tuesday, April 15, 2014

tax day

Gentilly Blvd.


  1. Tax Day! We were able to buy to large pizzas for $10.40 today. I wonder if those H&R tax experts just use the same software to do their client's taxes that us consumers buy at the store? I simply answer all the questions Turbo Tax asks and see how it unfolds...

  2. Hi Julian! At first I thought you meant your refund was $10.40 but I get it now. I actually do go to H&R Block! It is worth it to me, I just don't like worrying about it at all. I thought it was funny, now the govt says they really don't give you a penalty for filing late, if you were getting a refund! that way they get to keep the money longer, or forever. love, susanna

  3. "two" large pizzas! Grammar...smh. Hope you're enjoying National Library Week!

    1. you too, down here we get Good Friday off! then at the end of the month, a trip to the beach. have fun, sp