Friday, January 14, 2011

eat ice cream, be happy

The Creole Creamery


  1. So very true!

    I love looking at this picture in its large size. So many dynamics going on behind those windows.

    I <3 you, McKenzie's!

  2. Good morning Glenn! thanks, it's nice to keep eating ice cream all year. Here's another McKenzies sign still in existence. Another one I remember was up on Elysian Fields near UNO, but of course was taken down by the flood. They should have been included in "Aint there no more"! sp

  3. I love the McKenzies sign! The one on Frenchman that sells the "chicken in a box" was my favorite.

  4. Thanks bc! I was hoping you'd see the "Creole Creamery"! My desire for ice cream was satisfied just now at at different place, though, at the Coldstone Creamery out at Elmwood. Sweet cream with chocolate chips mixed in. Happy MLK day, sp