Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Harrison at Marconi


  1. My gateway to Metairie! Really, that's the route I take.

  2. Good morning Glenn, thanks, I like to go that way too... or any other way that goes through the park. sp

  3. My gateway to Tastee Donuts! LOL
    One of these days, I'm gonna stop eating all of that junk.
    I like the pic of the Katrina cross with the date 9-16.

  4. Good morning bc, thanks very much! They've also [finally] re-opened Lakeview Grocery, which has a nice aromatic bakery. About the photos, the "rescue marks" or "Katrina crosses" still always make me look at the date too. Our house had two of them, the first 9-14, and the second I think was 9-18, plastered on the two sides like on the two cheeks of a face. I hated those. Some people love them, most of them are simply still there. sp

  5. I couldn't get the comment place to
    open up, so I am happy to leave the
    comment here.
    I really like the trees.

    Love, sally

  6. Hi Sally, Your comment ended up in the right place, so thanks for trying twice. Glad you like the trees! Here they are on a different type of day. love, sp