Tuesday, May 24, 2011

sun and shadows

I-10 and New Orleans from the Jeff Davis overpass


  1. Girl! I hope you weren't driving. Seriously, though, I love these shots, especially, the billboard picture. A close second is the one featuring the Superdome in the background. Wonderful photos and so loaded with detail and information. Way to go!

  2. Hi Glenn, thanks, I'm so happy you saw it this way. With few exceptions, I have no luck trying to take photos from the drivers seat. But this sidewalk is quite an experience in itself. The view is beautiful, even after dealing with vertigo and labyrinthitis and oncoming traffic, but the scariest part was feeling how the bridge shakes when a big truck crosses over it. I've been wanting to photograph that weird billboard for a while, and I finally had a pretty day. also thought, it's only going to get hotter! so these are from yesterday at 5pm. enjoy your wed. morning! sp