Saturday, September 03, 2011

TS Lee on the way


  1. I hope the fact that you were up that early (4 am it says) meant you just wanted to see the TV, not that you were having problems with wind or rain. Hope all is well and stays well even though it looks you are in for a wet holiday weekend. Could this situation cause you to lose power?

    Neat photo of nice room with Lee on the tv. I can't figure out the 2nd photo: moss on power lines? branches on power lines? Heavy rain? Take care. I am glad Lee didn't have more time over water to develop further before he came ashore.

  2. Hi Molly, I pre-scheduled it to post before I went to bed last night. It did rain through the night & they expect it to continue for today and a couple more days. Basically it means we can't drive around, but we have what we need. If we can keep power, that would be great, so far so good. the most bizarre thing so far is that we can still smell the smoke of the marsh fire! hopefully, the storm will ultimately put that out. the 2nd photo is just the rainy scene out the back... not so dramatic as of yet. have a good weekend & thanks, sp