Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Katrina Day in New Orleans is

and stormy.

My Katrina memorial is here.


  1. We are fine but no power. have a safe Katrina day. love, sp

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Glenn you too. what a mess. we had iced coffee for breakfast, no big problems. I don't think Isaac is as strong as Gustav, the fence is still upright. but bad down south. god bless, sp. happy safe Katrina day to you and bobby

  3. Dear,
    Yes, you have a very great sense of happiness and
    love. I am so glad. sg

  4. I lived in Louisiana for 4 years and have been to Baton Rouge and New Orleans many times, although that was 30 years ago when I studied in US, when I hear about the disaster, I am sad ! I pray for everyone there !

  5. Hi Wong, thanks for your prayers, I think we all made it through. we have power now at my house but no cable or regular internet. things will get back to normal soon. lots of trees in roads. more later, sp