Sunday, August 19, 2012

rainy afternoon


  1. Drew Brees even tweeted that it was so rainy that he and his boys were stuck inside for the day.

    1. Hi Julian, yes, and I didn't even walk up to the Walgreen's. the time goes so fast on Sunday. I would do much better if we had 4 weekdays, 1 saturday and 2 sundays. So much of the country is having a drought but we've had quite a bit of cloud cover and rain this summer, which really helps to avoid those stretches of hot weather. speaking of Drew Brees, I heard they have had a 3rd son (our car is named after their 2nd son, Bowen, who was born the week we got the car. too soon for a new car since I love this one.) Sounds like a lot of boys inside the house on a rainy day. love, sp