Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cat's claw vine

The cat's claw vine is having a good year


  1. You know, I love plant life crawling up the side of a building. I've always wanted ivy or some such creeping up my home here in the Quarter. Bobby won't have it, though. He says it will destroy the structure. I always think to myself, But we rent ...

  2. Weeds are the most vibrant of all life, and of the weed kingdom, the cat's claw is the most invasive around town. Whole oak trees are at this moment being strangled by it, but with a beautiful blossoming of yellow blooms. However, I've learned from reputable and other sources, while googling about it, that this horrible species has been known to have all sorts of alternative medicinal uses. sp

  3. " ... alternative medicinal uses."

    Oh, my.

  4. Yes, aphrodesiac, hallucinogen, and will cure diseases. Why is it still creeping all over the city? sp

  5. Cause the angel trumpets are easier to reach.

  6. I also like the look of houses/buildings covered in vines, but I have no idea about what it's like to maintain them!

  7. Hi Rick, I don't know, usually we're just trying to pull vines off of things! thanks, sp

  8. There is a difference between "cats claw" and "cats claw VINE"
    PLEASE do not smoke or ingest this plant, it is quite poisonous.


    What is shown here is the VINE (NOT cats claw)
    This plant is called
    Macfadyena unguis-cat

    cats claw is a medicinal herb
    Uncaria tomentosa or Una De Gato
    its not a hallucinogen,. but it is a mild sedative and has several benefits