Tuesday, March 08, 2011

enjoying the Rex parade

from our living room, courtesy of WDSU!


  1. I'm ROTFLMAO. That's the way to do it, girl!

  2. HaHa!! I know, it takes all kinds. thanks, sp

  3. Your blog was the first one I turned to on Mardi Gras day to see what was happening in New Orleans, and I was not disappointed. I loved what you captured on TV and was relieved to know that you were not out in "them weathers." A lovely idea!

  4. That's some really nice shots to say that's the telly!
    You had the best seat in the house!
    No parking to deal with, no crowds. You can just stay in your jammies and watch everything.

  5. When I saw the first picture I thought, "Wow, Susanna took a picture of some girl looking at her that she doesn't know...strange!" Then it was the TV. Great!

  6. Dear Joel, I guess you could say I was caught up in the moment! This morning the weather is even worse, the street is a river, so I'm going to have to wait a little while to go in to work. I don't imagine there will be very many scholars and young researchers but the show must go on. Watching the N.O. mardi gras on TV is new for me, kind of amazing, it's quite a good view. thanks, sp

    Dear bc, You really did it right with your planning and investments in the parking and good view. I imagine your kids must even be tired after all that! And I so much enjoyed your descriptions of the parades over the last few days, you're a good writer. thanks, sp

    Dear Julian, I thought everyone's reaction would be like Glenn's, being that I was in a silly mood, but I will have to say that although WDSU was out there doing the hard work, somehow I did strangely feel that these were mine also. The girl in the first picture is my favorite. But for sharper and more real carnival photos, see My Life in the Quarter over the last few days (one of Glenn's blogs). thanks, sp