Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memorial Day

Carrollton Cemetery, Birch and Hillary


  1. Hi Sussah,
    Nice pics, as always. Being Canadian I always forget when Memorial Day is (we have Remembrance Day, on Nov. 11).
    My Dad was in the Canadian Army and served with the UN in Korea and Cyprus. "Lefty" that I'm alleged to be, I was born and raised an Army brat.
    I apologize for getting a bit political, but there are some (many?) who make a huge mistake by associating "anti-war" with "anti-troops" etc.
    These pictures are important.

  2. Hi Rick, Thanks for your thoughtful comments. We've enjoyed visiting different parts of Canada several times, and I found Nova Scotia especially appealing. I'm also in tune with appreciating the experiences and sacrifices of of those who have done military service. My husband is a US Vietnam veteran, and a patriotic pacifist. The best way to support the troops is to bring them home. In New Orleans, you're never far from a cemetery, they're right in neighborhoods. Often the most permanent of the grave markers were for men who died in wars. sp

  3. Rick, I forgot to mention, here's an earlier post of mine, for you. sp

  4. By a strange coincidence, my father was from (and was buried in) Cape Breton.