Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Three from the Besthoff Sculpture Garden

Leandro Erlich, Window and Ladder--Too Late for Help, 2008
(from the NOMA brochure: "This work was originally installed in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans for the 2008 Prospect.1, a citywide exhibition of international art including a number of site-specific works created in response to Hurricane Katrina... its placement in New Orleans commemorates the destruction of large areas of the city and the slow rescue of thousands of stranded citizens after Katrina.")

George Rodrigue, We Stand Together, 2005

(an eight-foot version of the red, yellow, and blue dog sculpture)

Robert Indiana, LOVE, Red Blue, 1966-97

(a classic pop icon)


  1. Shoot, I posted a comment, previewed it, then forgot to publish it. What was I saying?

    I love the Window and Ladder--Too Late for Help. It reminds me of a two-story house on St Claude right after the storm that had lost the entire side-wall facing the avenue. It looked like a sad antique dollhouse.

    Art can always give the lie to despair, can't it?

  2. Hi Glenn, thanks for re-creating your lost comment, I appreciate that! I love that ladder sculpture too. It's made to human scale, making it all the more poignant as a memorial. And the actual ruins of real homes around town are the most emotion-filled. You may have seen Susan Neely's 2009 temporary work titled Open House. sp

  3. I hadn't known about the Susan Neely. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. It's a startling vision, isn't it?