Friday, April 01, 2011

blue badge of courage

Markel Lumber, South Rendon Street


  1. Oh, wow, is that the flood-line? If it is, what a wonderful response.

  2. Hi Glenn, Yes, that's right! I think so too. After all this time, at least. Have you seen this pretty piece of restored playground equipment in the neutral ground of Jeff Davis, near Canal St.? Several years ago, I suggested (only privately, to my husband) that they ought to re-paint the playsquiggle by representing the high flood line into its decorations. But at that time it seemed a little morbid to remind children of it. Now I think these sort of reminders are more in the spirit of "lest we forget"... as if we or anyone else ever could. Thanks Glenn, & happy April... it's pretty nice so far! sp

  3. Thanks bc! I'm glad, it's amazing the things you can see if you drive around a different block. sp