Thursday, April 14, 2011

income tax

in case you forgot


  1. How can we forget with reminders like this!!

  2. Hi Rick, in the black of night, standing on my sidewalk, looking down to the end of the street, these red letters say Income Tax. All year. There used to be a chicken-wing place in that spot, which was more useful. You don't have income tax to pay, do you? haha, thanks, sp

  3. Sorry that you had to look at such an inescapable and depressing sign for so long.

    Years ago, when I was living in England, I checked into a hotel in downtown Manchester late one night. I looked out the window of my room and through the fog I saw a blinking sign that said DING SOCIETY, DING SOCIETY, DING SOCIETY. I went to sleep wondering what on earth a DING SOCIETY might be. When I woke the next morning the fog had lifted and I saw that the first four letters of the sign: "BUIL" had burned out.

  4. Hi Joel, At least Income Tax doesn't blink! Ding Society could be a group of people who meet regularly to discuss the writings of the obscure poet, Ding (known only by the one syllable). thanks for looking in & commenting. tomorrow's post should be a little more pleasant. sp