Friday, April 29, 2011

New Orleans in the alternate universe

... or it might be the one we know.


  1. Hi, sissah,
    I like your comments the best of all. Love, Sassah

  2. That's sweet, Sally! I appreciate hearing from you. There's a TV show Fringe, which I guess nobody much watches, but it's being renewed for another season. In the alternate universe, in Fringe, most things are pretty similar, but they use derigibles all the time. ....... excuse me, now I need to go watch Treme! love, sis

  3. Is the bus in the first picture the legendary "Freret Jet" that I used to take (more than half a century ago) from a stop near the NROTC building whenever I wanted to go downtown? Does the Freret Jet still exist?

    Happy May Day!


  4. Great pics! Alternate universe, I like that! Have a good week, cher!

  5. Dear Joel, No, that's the one going along Magazine to the Zoo. The photos are a series I took on an after-lunch walk last Thursday, when I was in between two dr. appointments at Touro, and they are in the order I took them, from Audubon Park, a couple blocks down Magazine to the top of the levee, and back. But the Freret Jet lives on. That one is one time when it was parked at the main Howard-Tilton library building, where I like to take a break. Another Freret St. photo is here. Once a long time ago, I took the Freret bus to have high tea at the Windsor Court. Quite scenic all around. Thanks for sending the pretty May Day photo! and for your comment. sp

    Hi Marguerite, Thanks so much, I'm glad you looked in. Just think, there might be an alternate Marguerite over there in the other universe, dancing and cooking. Actually, I don't personally subscribe to that particular science-fiction concept to be the truth, but I really love to watch Fringe, for the wonderful female hero Olivia Dunham, and the love story, etc. have a good week ... thanks, sp