Thursday, September 06, 2012

hurricane season


  1. Even the picture makes me nervous. Or maybe I just haven't been able finally to shake off the nerves that started getting agitated last week.

  2. Hi Glenn, I think we have a case of "still-traumatic stress" as in the poem by Ray "Moose" Jackson ...
    why do they call it
    post-traumatic stress when
    it ain't over yet?

    Isaac is a disaster within a disaster. I am just tired from it, and eager to be well and happy. When coming back to work a couple of days ago, I felt like saying Happy New Year to everyone and that I should make resolutions. strange. nice to hear from you & thanks for your comment, sp

  3. Yes, I like that pretty picture with excellent colors these clouds.

  4. thanks, Leovi, it's intentionally soft and dark. I'm glad you like it. sp