Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rising Tide 7

Rising Tide 7, today at Xavier University

A Xavier student working as a door monitor next to historical photograph /
 Clay Kirby (noladishu) with first keynote speaker Dr. Lawrence Powell /
 Alison Frazier (bayoucreole) and her husband “NavySeal” /
 conference emcee Loki Williams (SocialGumbo) with vendors /
 young attendees between sessions including education panelist Zack Kopplin (left), and the 2012 Ashley Morris prize winner Lamar White, Jr. (CenLamar) (in the hat) /
 a small sample of the array of local-interest books at Octavia Books table /
 billboard out in the sun, with Xavier buildings. 


  1. Thank you very, very much for taking those photos of me and Dr. Powell.

    1. My pleasure, Clay, it was a happy occasion. thanks, sp

  2. SP it was so wonderful to meet you! That pic pretty much sums us up perfectly. I'm always wondering what he'll be up to next. LOL
    Take care!

  3. Dear bc, so glad to hear back-- you are a joy! the two of you together sort of radiate. thanks, sp