Tuesday, June 08, 2010

two sides of Prytania by Napoleon

river side, St. Elizabeth's Condos


  1. Hi Sussah!

    I just checked the youtube video of those children from Sophie B W Middle School - that was great. I particularly liked the boys dancing while holding the banner. Things have changed a lot and that choreography is a proof of that.

    Hey, I didn't have time to go to BP quarters and call them names, I was very busy trying to cajole Isabella into getting into the plane to come back to Rio. She wanted to stay in Europe for good ;-)

    As soon as we organize and edit the 1.129 photos Isabella took from our trip, I will send you a couple of them.

  2. Dear Claudia, Wonderful to hear from you! I loved the video of those kids in the marching band, I guess you can call that choreography, but absolutely adorable. But the large sound made by that small percussion section in their school lot, was really thrilling. Speaking of wonderful young people, we'll love to see Isabella's photos, and your favorite experiences from the journey. love, sussah