Wednesday, June 15, 2011

love and loss

Ahavas Sholem Cemetery, Elysian Fields


  1. You must have a story that illuminates this mysterious picture.

  2. There isn't so much a story, just an emotion I've been trying to sort through and hopefully try to express. It's one of those things that I don't know whether others feel the same way I do or not. But there is a special type of mood which applies to being in a cemetery, and tuning in to the place, and it is similar to the feeling of looking at old archives of personal papers (of people long gone, who lived here in the same place). I've wracked my brain to come up with words, but the most fitting are love and loss. The rescue mark, 9/14, to me, simply adds another layer to the cemetery. The Katrina flood happened right here, but now we are having our beautiful and troublesome lives. I love the phrase "painted postcards from a time just passed" (Folse). Maybe we've come to a point in time when those marks belong in the cemetery. see also this earlier similar post, but things are constantly changing including us. thanks for wondering, Glenn and Molly, sp Oh yes, forgot to add, this is right across from the sno-ball shop.

  3. I noticed the flooding marks on the wall (assumed that is what they were) but did not initially notice the rescue mark. It is a haunting photo, perhaps because the starkness of the white paint and the closed (locked?) door.

    I know what you mean about the feeling of looking at archives of personal papers, perhaps you meant of people you did not know, but I was thinking of people one knew. Puzzling feeling at times but sometimes comforting and often joyous. But still sad that they are no longer with us.

    Your city of course is filled wth cemeteries, celebrated cemeteries too. Up here in this small New England town the cemeteries go 'way back, before the country was the country. And War Memorial statues in town actually list town citizens that served in each war back to the Rev War. I do not recall anything like that in Miami! A Miami girl in NH, laughable for sure.

    Ah, across the street from the sno-cone caught your eye while enjoying a snow-cone of what flavor? What is grasshopper flavor? Mint? Lime? Can't figure it out.

  4. The rescue marks were painted by people in boats, so what appears dark on the building is not the high water line. About the papers, yes I meant of people who lived centuries ago. I don't really mean sad, that's where words are failing me. About Miami, you're right, it was a world apart from any of the wars. I didn't understand a thing about the Civil War until living in Atlanta.
    thanks, sp