Wednesday, August 03, 2011


concrete pouring, slow progress on the parking lot (for Molly)


  1. ah....what a surprise....July 31 has past us by and project not done....thanks for the photo and progress report. Yet they are pouring concrete so must be near completion. I take it they are using concrete (not paving it) since it looks like it is a park-like area?

    My middle name must be Procrastination so who am I to criticize?

  2. Hi Molly, the project isn't nearly done. But it's starting to look like a go-cart track, so that's something. We've already gotten the notices about renewing our parking permits, but no information about a new projected completion date, you never know. Things happen here, just not quickly. Keyword to life in N.O. is "eventually". At its best this campus is very lovely, but right under the thin veneer of loveliness is earth, a.k.a. great big bunch of dirt. thanks, sp