Tuesday, August 16, 2011


an empty house on St. Anthony near Burbank


  1. Now, I don't know about you, but I find that to be a beautiful structure. It reminds me of something one might come across in an old Italian village. It's cloister-like.

  2. Hi Glenn, Thanks for feeling that way about it & for posting your comment. My husband thought it looked like a light-house, and to me the white with sharp shadows seemed strong like those beautiful Greek sea-side houses. I carry my camera most days in case something jumps out at me, and so I did a bumpy U-turn on behalf of this house. nice to hear from you... as always, sp

  3. I agree with both of you: it does indeed look like something you would see in a small Italian town (A Bell For Adano?) but the comparison to a lighthouse is perfect (well, a little challenged on the height-aspect....). Although somewhat beautiful-looking, it comes across (to me) as rather sad and too stark. I couldn't figure out what the roof is - steel? asphalt?

    I giggled at your comment: "I did a bumpy U-turn ON BEHALF OF THIS HOUSE". It probably enjoyed being rescued.

    I don't know you Glenn, but you sure have great comments, always very thoughtful and often makes me re-look at the photographs in a different state of mind. Thanks.

  4. Hi Molly, thanks, I don't think the house is sad in person, just empty and patiently waiting. the roof seems to be asphalt shingles, very common here, and the darkest black just like we selected after the storm. Glenn has the talent of tuning in and understanding. have a good evening, sp