Sunday, August 07, 2011


It's even too hot for the for the pigeons who usually roost on this billboard structure. They are spending their days on the shady sidewalks of the French Quarter, like the one featured here.


  1. I got a free sample of a pineapple mango smoothie
    with my friend Ruth. She said, "That's not bad."
    I had to agree. Great photo!

  2. Hi Sally, thanks! I haven't had one yet, but this good ad makes me need one. have a relaxing week, sp

  3. Smoothie update: yesterday afternoon I had to go to the dentist in Metairie. after a grueling session of molar repair, I went out into the heat & was feeling sorry for myself, and got a large mango-pineapple smoothie at the fancy big McDonald's located at Veterans and Green Acres. It was so delicious and made my poor numb mouth so soothed, it completely counterbalanced the pain with pleasure. I was sorry when it was gone, and happy that I had advertised the product and its billboard. sp
    PS, the mango smoothie at PJ's isn't bad either.