Thursday, June 02, 2011

walls and windows

Captions: side of Baptist Collegiate Ministry building, rear of Chicken In A Box, upside-down side of an abandoned house, front of Children's Hospital.


  1. The last one is like a quilt. Nice composition.

  2. Interesting shots! Each so different. Have a wonderful day, cher, and stay cool!

  3. Hi Molly, thanks, that one represents the most successful architectural attempt at orderliness, not necessarily typical here, but here just the same. sp

    Thanks Marguerite, it's definitely in the toasty range outdoors today. I like to be outdoors, but a/c has its charms. stay cool too... sp

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  5. hi. I heard from kyklops that there are some problems with my new template. I found this in blogger help:
    Blogger and browser compatibility
    Blogger fully supports the following browsers:
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    I am able to use IE for Windows, just as before, but firefox, not so much! I went through all the blogger settings again, and the only thing I can think of is that there may be a delay. I'll keep trying because I love to hear from you... any technical advice would be greatly appreciated. (& have a good weekend.) thanks, sp

  6. Testing. Testing. This is a test.

  7. HaHa! Did you get retro and use Internet Explorer? I also wrote in to the Blogger help site about this, and my younger generation too. thanks, sp

  8. SP, love your new look but, I can't comment from my computer at home. I'm at work and it's working fine over here...go figure.
    Love the photos!

  9. Hi bc, thanks for letting me know, we discovered yesterday that it seems to be some sort of incompatibility issue affecting browsers other than Internet Explorer. I'm asking for help and hopefully will get it figured out soon. more later, sp